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November 18th, 2011
06:52 PM ET
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  1. Sailingwindward

    If the Occupy protesters want to embarrass and humiliate the US government further, you need to get signatures and send a letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations (Ban Ki-moon) asking for UN peace keepers to keep the corrupted and oppressive government from beating and arresting protesters, and jailing political prisoners.

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  2. Rich Zubaty

    We don't need no stinkin' encampment. We are mobile. The power of our ideas will carry us into next summer. And next summer the streets will ring with our ideas.Tax securities transactions. Regulate derivatives. Abolish corporate personhood (it’s a mark of how insane our political system has become that we have to even argue for that one) and start a national initiative ballot process that allows us to vote nationally and directly on such issues as those above. Politics is too important to be left to politicians – especially ones who can be so cheaply bought off.

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  3. passed

    David (99%) Vs. Goliath (1%) and this time..... David lost..... so sad!!!!!

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  4. Bruce E

    Crazy IDEA

    Going global was the end of the American dream, we went from one economy back in the 70s here in america to a global economy with many separate economies thrown together with no equality between them, it’s no wonder that the jobs are gone, companies sole goal is to make profit, And because each country has a different value on their money and in most countries no minimum wage it is allot cheaper for a company to make their product in a country that pays next to nothing in wages, this makes their product a fraction of the cost to make, in turn allowing them to rake in substantial profit. But costing a great many american jobs that will not come back. As a worldwide movement the occupy movement should push for all currencies to be created equal, or go to one standard currency Worldwide, on top of a standard minimum wage around the word, Now this would make some people richer because of the increase of value on their money, but it would make it a true global economy. And this way you could have free trade amongst the different nations. It would also drive the jobs back to america because they would have to pay the same wage no matter what country they were in . and if it costs them more money to ship back here it would cut too much into their profit. so it would be cheaper to make here, On the other side of the coin, If everyone was on the same value of currency, the businesses would do better because in the oppressed nations their money would be worth more which means they would be able to afford to by their products .This would also raise the quality of life for billions of people, As well as open up markets for many businesses around the world . It's time for an end to Greedy business practices and a time to raise all boats, and truly make all people equal.

    And for those countries the choose not to participate, We will no longer import their products to the united states, considering we are the largest economy in the world, It would be in their best interest to comply.

    P.S– this would affect WALL STREET but after what they have done for us, it's the least we can do for them!

    PPS– You guys are doing a great job and Im with you. But I really think it's time for us to find that point of light that we all can head for, Its not the destination it’s the journey that counts!

    B. E. MO.

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  5. Zaharaddeen adam

    I want start by addresing the un general secretary banki-moon to warns protesters to secure their resources,both human and materials.

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