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November 21st, 2011
09:33 PM ET

Return to Libya

Three months after the fall of Tripoli, life inLibya's capital is slowly returning to normal.  Businesses have reopened, and traffic jams are replacing the huge crowds in what is now known as Martyr's Square.   Producer Jomana Karadsheh spent many long days and nights covering Libya's revolution.    She returned to the country recently, and sent us a BackStory documenting some of what’s changed.

BackStory fans know Jomana from her many on-air appearances; but she became even more familiar this summer, when she and Matthew Chance spent days trapped inside the Rixos Hotel.  You can revisit those pieces here:

Tweeting from the Rixos – Matthew Chance's Tweets and live shots tell the story from inside the Rixos

Leaving the Rixos – Matthew, Jomana and the other journalists get out of the hotel

After the Rixos – The team reunites with the rest of the CNN crew, and goes on the air to talk about their experiences

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  1. Zaharaddeen adam

    (Peace be upon to prophet).we are lamenting the death of moammar gaddafi may have mercy upon him.

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  2. Edgar

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