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December 2nd, 2011
07:03 PM ET

Reflections on Iraq

U.S. troops moved into Iraq more than eight years ago, with the goal of toppling Saddam Hussein.  And CNN has been there from the beginning.  Our own Michael Holmes has spent time in Iraq every year since 2003.  He recently sat down with producer Jessica Ellis to go through some of his photographs from his time in Iraq, and to reflect on some of his best - and worst - memories of that time.  And he also talked about how the U.S. invasion has changed, and will change, Iraq.

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  1. Nick Meikle

    Iraq remains a massively sore point for the US. Was it right to have invaded or not? I agreed with it as I live in a country that still has a dictator – Zimbabwe. Until one lives under one it is very hard to understand how tough and nasty life is. The UN was doing nothing to rein in Saddam and in the end the US and GB took the matter into their own hands however questionably this was done. Perhaps this intervention gave quiet encouragement for the Arab spring and here we are three dictators less than when 2011 dawned. Sadly though, Zimbabwe remains very much under the fist of Mugabe and his thugs. Zimbabwe has the largest refugee population in the world of around 4 to 5 million people (40% of the population) most of whom fled to South Africa. It has also suffered from gross violence – at least 22,000 died from genocide in the early 80s when Mugabe targeted the minority Matabele tribe; hundreds have died from political violence and at least as many as half a million have died from starvation and AIDS related illnesses which are a direct result of Mugabe's political repression of his people. Yet, the sad thing is the networks never focus on these grizzly statistics and avoid sensitising the world at large to the viciousness of Mugabe's regime. It is high-time that this should change.

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  2. Morris Gersten

    Would it not be good reporting to advise CNN viewers that the vast majority of Iraqis who died or were wounded since the Allied intervention against Saddam was not from the bullets of Allied forces but by the hand of Iraqi sectarian strife and by the hand of thousands of foreign Islamist fighters (terrorists?).

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  3. Zaharaddeen adam

    The stepdown of the american soldiers from the victory camp is the only measure that would ensure sustainable development in the iraq territory. Lastly, we are appealing to icc court to sentence former zimbabwe president 14 years in prison as a result of crackingdown of protesters,raping their wives and daugters,stealing their properties as wel as destruction their houses and markets.

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