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The High Cost of Saying Goodbye
December 13th, 2011
09:15 PM ET

The High Cost of Saying Goodbye

Across Africa, laying a loved one to rest can be an event rivaled by none other.  In some cases, funerals are more important than marriages and births, and no expense is spared.  But as our Robyn Curnow discovered, even the simplest of funerals can put many families in difficult financial situations.

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  1. Solomon

    I followed the program,the cost of saying goodbye. Most Eritreans send bodies of loved ones back home from where ever they are. Real example, my cousin was a refugee in the US for 6 months and died on accident. It costed us arround 11,000usd for the storage and plane ticket for the dead body.I wish the is can be changed and instead help the family, but it is almost immpossible with the tradition.


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