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March 29th, 2011
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Philippe Cousteau and Team in the Arctic Tundra

By Back|Story staff, CNN International

A CNN team led by environmentalist and explorer Philippe Cousteau is joining an elite group of scientists studying climate change in one of the coldest places on earth, the Arctic Tundra. Bad weather kept the team stuck in the tiny Canadian town of Resolute Bay for days. CNN Sr. Producer Matt Vigil's last tweet said the team has finally arrived at their final destination, which is about 550 kilometers from the North Pole:

"We arrived at Catlin Arctic Survey's Ice Base. Updated reports Tuesday on and CNN platforms in the 8am eastern hour #CNN @pcousteau" -via @mattvigilcnn on twitter

You can follow all the action by staying with CNN and checking in at There you'll find a map of the team's location and learn how the crew is surviving the harsh conditions.

This video above reveals how Philippe and the team prepared for the expedition in Resolute Bay.

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