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April 28th, 2011
07:46 PM ET

The Story Behind the Photo Op

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard traveled to Beijing this week, for a two-day visit aimed at broadening relations between the two countries. During the trip, Gillard spent some time meeting with her Chinese counterpart, Premier Wen Jiabao.  You may have seen the video from a ceremony where the two came together.  But capturing those images was more of a challenge than you might think.  CNN Beijing producer Jo Kent and photographer Brad Olson take us behind the scenes, to see what goes into getting such an important shot.

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  2. Alex

    I'm quite familiar with Michael Yon...but he is hradly a MSM journalist, Nazar.If anything, his approach is exactly the opposite, as you can tell by this quote inthe article you referenced (the link was NG, but I found it):"My experiences with the U.S. military as a soldier and then as a writer and photographer covering soldiers have been overwhelmingly positive, and I feel no shame in saying I am biased in favor of our troops. Even worse, I feel no shame in calling a terrorist a terrorist. I've seen their deeds and tasted air filled with burning human flesh from their bombs. I've seen terrorists kill children while our people risk their lives to save civilians again, and again, and again."This is NOT how CNN or the rest of the MSM cover Iraq, and I believe you would acknowledge that.I agree that Yon is the exception that makes the rule..perhaps because he actually IS pro-military and a patriot, like the WWII correspondants. I would certainly rather read/hear what he has to say than the usual class of MSM embedded reporter.

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  3. Darius

    Comprar la cadena CNN plus, un reosstuepo canal de noticias, que nos informa de todo cada deda a poner a los cuatro o cinco nif1atos estfapidos de un programa lavacerebros como es el gran hermano. Sinceramente Indignante y con razf3n este puto paeds no sale ni saldre1 nunca de esta puta crisis y de la ignorancia en la que vive, esperemos solo sea momente1neo y cambie su programacion o por lo menos haber conservado al esplendido equipo de CNN plus noticias que por lo menos nos informa de lo que pasa en el mundo y no de lo que pasa en una casa llena de ce1maras y de nif1atos estfapidos paranoicos que solo piensan en la fama y el dinero sin reparar en el ridedculo que hacen.

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  4. Maman

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