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"The Revealer" clue number 3
September 28th, 2011
06:19 PM ET

"The Revealer" clue number 3

"The Revealer" is back Thursday and here is your visual clue #3. Can you guess what the subject of this week's installment is? The first person to guess the topic will be revealed in the show.

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  1. Hemyrina Mydin

    Artist: Vladimir Tretchikoff
    Art Piece: The Green Lady.

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    • Kory

      Oct16Robina As a mom myself, can I just say that I pray EVERY day that my kids don't turn out like this Can I just point out tuhgoh that kids are really different than our generation? I like to think that I am a concerned parent who puts good manners above everything else (I would make my kids pay for even THINKING of sticking their finger at ppl) but there is no way I would presume that my kids are definitely going to turn out OK I just don't know! Blaming the parents is the time-honoured tradition in these sort of issues but can I present a question Would we, as bystanders, do any sort of repriminding of the child? Did the photographer of this pic do anything after the shot was taken? An Asian upbringing used to subscribe to the philosophy of It takes a village . but now that we have traded villages for the city we (and that includes me) decide to dump the responsibility of raising children to the immediate parents Something which seems I don't know . wrong ?

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  2. Asil Kurundarath

    I believe this week's installment will revolve around the life and works of phenomenal artist, Vladimir Tretchikoff.

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  3. Selby

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  4. Denis

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