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Journey into Libya
August 3rd, 2011
05:45 PM ET

Journey into Western Libya

CNN's Michael Holmes took these photos as he and the team traveled from Tunisia into the mountains of Western Libya. The area is a major base for rebels fighting Gadhafi forces in the war for control of Libya.

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August 3rd, 2011
03:38 PM ET

Journey from Tunisia into Libya

Editor's noteCNN Back|Story's Michael Holmes is on assignment in Libya covering the conflict there. Along with his Back|Story piece above, he sent in this note for you all:

Greetings everyone from western Libya.  I'm sitting in our house here in the rebel held city of Zintan as cameraman/editor Charlie Miller puts together our next story.

It's been a little difficult to get things done here, with little local phone access, scorching heat, tough terrain and of course there's a war on.

But the team has been able to file a few stories (and a couple of BackStories are coming soon!) which I hope you've been able to catch.

This video is our first BackStory from this assignment: a look at how we got here, coming into Libya from Tunis and shooting our first story on town retaken by rebel forces late last week.

Thanks for watching BackStory – not sure when I'm back but I'm following the show via the blog here at and  – I'll file a note when I can about our experiences so far as soon as possible.

(And I hear Doug is working on a slideshow of my photos - how lovely!)


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